THE PACE FOR LIVING Objective And Subjective Question | THE PACE FOR LIVING Question Bank 2011 से 2023 तक के सभी प्रश्न

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Objective Type Questions –

1. The main character in the play which the author saw in “The Pace for Living was a/an…………. man. [2021A1)
(A) elderly
(B) handicapped
(C) young
(D) diabetic

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -((A) elderly

[/accordion] [/accordions]

2. How many girls were there in the film “The Pace for Living”? (2021All)
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Five

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) Three
[/accordion] [/accordions]

3. In The Pace for Living’, the author says that are designed to test the mental speed of a person. (2021All)
(A) education tests
(B) Psychological tests
(C) Placement tests
(D) intelligent tests

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(D) intelligent tests[/accordion] [/accordions]

4. The author in “The Pace for Living’ enjoys (2021All)
(A) long car drives
(B) air flights
(C) train journey
(D) road journey

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) long car drives
[/accordion] [/accordions]

5. The com-merchant was getting. by his nephew in “The Pace for Living’. [20201A1]
(A) beaten up
(B) scolded
(C) cheated
(D) praised

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(C) cheated
[/accordion] [/accordions]

6. The main character in “The Pace for Living”. Which the author saw was a/an ……… corn merchant. [2018A1, 2021A1]
(A) elderly
(B) handicapped
(C) young
(D) diabetic

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) elderly[/accordion] [/accordions]

7. The Pace for Living The writer captures the agony of… man. [2018A11, 2021A)
(A) modern
(B) ancient
(C) future
(D) uncivilized

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) modern[/accordion] [/accordions]

8. The author finds himself in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the [2020A1]
(A) cinema
(B) theatre
(C) dance programme
(D) singing competition

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) cinema[/accordion] [/accordions]

9. Rapid movement gives you a superficial sense of [2020A11]
(A) drama
(B) music
(C) security
(D) hope

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) drama[/accordion] [/accordions]

10. R. C. Hutchinson wrote that he watch a play in [2020A1]
(A) Chicago
(B) Dublin
(C) Netherland
(D) New York

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) Dublin[/accordion] [/accordions]

11. People now a days think. than ancient times. [2020A1]
(A) deeper
(B) faster
(C) longer
(D) slower

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर (B) faster[/accordion] [/accordions]

12. Mental activities of our time tend to follow the pace of [2020A11, 2022A11]
(A) computers
(B) aeroplanes
(C) horses
(D) machines

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(D) machines[/accordion] [/accordions]

13. In The Pace for Living’ R.C. Hutchinson discusses [2019A11, 2020A1]
(A) the happiness of men
(B) the agony of modern man
(C) the dilemma of people
(D) none of these

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) the agony of modern man
[/accordion] [/accordions]

14. The author of the story “The Pace for Living’ enjoyed going in a car [12019A1)
(A) Ninety miles an hour
(B) Eighty miles an hour
(C) Sixty miles an hour
(D) Seventy miles an hour

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) Ninety miles an hour
[/accordion] [/accordions]

15. The writer of “The Pace for Living’ belongs to the tribe of…………. [2019A 11]
(A) Average thinkers
(B) Slow thinkers
(C) Fast thinkers
(D) the dilemma of people

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) Slow thinkers
[/accordion] [/accordions]

16. In The Pace for Living’ the author saw a play in [2019A 11)
(A) Denmark
(B) Dublin
(C) Denver
(D) Delhi

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) Dublin
[/accordion] [/accordions]

17. How does the writer classify himself as a thinker in “The Pace for Living’? [2019C)
(A) An intelligent thinker
(B) A slow thinker
(C) A Social thinker
(D) None of these

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) A slow thinker[/accordion] [/accordions]

18. In the essay “The Pace for Living’. The corn merchant is. [2018C)
(A) an ambitious man
(B) an anxious man
(C) an adventurous man
(D) None of these

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) an anxious man
[/accordion] [/accordions]

19. The author admits that quick travel does not give the traveller the real…… of travel. [2018A)
(A) pains
(B) pleasure
(C) living
(D) holiday

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) pleasure
[/accordion] [/accordions]

20. “The Pace for Living’, is written by. (12018AI)
(A) Aung San Suu Kyi
(B) Toni Morrison
(C) R.C. Hutchinson
(D) Satyajit Ray

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(C) R.C. Hutchinson
[/accordion] [/accordions]

21. The people now think faster than people did [2022A1)
(A) 150 years from now
(B) 500 years from today
(C) 200 years from today
(D) 30 years ago ……………..

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(D) 30 years ago ……………..[/accordion] [/accordions]

22. movement gives you a superficial sense of drama. (2022A1)
(A) Rapid
(B) Recurring
(C) Slow
(D) Intermittent

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(A) Rapid
[/accordion] [/accordions]

23. The author of “The pace of Living’ wants to dine in London and lunch in [2022A11]
(A) Chicago
(B) New York
(C) California
(D) Arizona

[accordions title=””] [accordion title=”उत्तर देखें ” load=”hide”]उत्तर -(B) New York
[/accordion] [/accordions]

Short Answer Type Questions

1. How has life became fast in modern time? [2021A1]

Ans- The modern man can travel very fast. He can drive at ninety miles an hour in a car. He can have dinner in London one night and enjoy his lunch in New York the very next day. The writer simply loves the machines at Battersea. According to the writer, these experiences are most satisfactory. These experiences give a person the feeling that his life is full of drama and excitement. These are the advantages of the fast life of the modern man.

2. Who was the chief character in the play “Hutchinson watched”? [2020A1]

Ans- The chief character was an elderly com-merchant in a small Irish
country town. The writer watched the play in Dublin.

3. What is the writer’s opinion on travelling fast? [2018A11]

Ans- The life style of modern people has became very fast. Now we have greater facilities for rapid movement. In the modern age fast cars, trains and aeroplane can carry us to different places. Now a man can dine in London and have lunch in Newyork the next day.

4. In which situation does the writer find himself in the cinema? (12015AL, 2017AII)

Ans. In the cinema, the writer finds himself in a hopeless joy and finds unable to follow the film.

5. Who are taken to be slow thinkers? How are the slow handicapped today? (12016A)

Ans. Our ancestors or some other tribes might be slow thinkers. The slow thinkers cannot compete the race of today’s pacy life. They cannot get even their livelihood. They are guaranteed to’ get the lowest marks in any intelligence test today because all the tests are designed to measure the speed of our mind, more than anything else.

6. What are the disadvantages of slow thinkers in the modern world? [2016C, 2022A11]

Ans- The slow thinkers are considered to be handicapped in modern world.

7. What enlightenment does the writer seeks from his wife? What does it suggest about the plight of the modern man?

Ans. The writer, as given in the lesson, seeks enlightement for the scenes and characters in the film. He is watching a film with his wife but he is unable to understand the scenes and the characters in the film. So, after every two or three minutes, he turns towards his wife and asks her to enlighten the matter. Such a man, as the writer is, today, is considered to be handicapped in the business of getting a living. Such a man cannot succeed in getting his living.

8. Write a few sentences about the elderly Com-merchant

Or, Sketch the Character of Corn-merchant. [2015AI . (2014A1]

Ans. The corn-merchant was an elderly man. He was anxious due to the current fast trend of life. He was a slow person. His nephew was cheating him. His wife was extravagant. She believed in spending £ 10 on a holiday. In short, we can say that the pace of life was too much for him. So, he was anxious.

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