Real Friendship (सच्ची मित्रता)


Real Friendship Read the story!

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Real Friendship :- Lord Krishna and Sudama were very close friends since their childhood. They studied in the same “Gurukul. After the studies, Krishna became the King of Dwarka but Sudama remained poor. Now, life became hard for Sudama’s family because of poverty.

       One morning Sudama’s wife said to him, “Lord Krishna is your friend. Why don you go to him? Ask him for some money. He will certainly help us.

” Sudama did not want to go to his friend. After some hesitation, Sudama agreed to go to Dwarka. . His wife said, “Here is a handful of rice as a gift to your friend Krishna. You should not go there to meet him with empty hands.”

         Sudama wrapped the rice in a cloth. than He hung it on a stick and set out to meet Lord Krishna. After a long journey on foot, he reached Dwarka.

At the palace gate, he informed the guards to let him see Lord Krishna, his old friend. But the guards said mockingly, But “Lord Krishna is your friend! You look like a beggar, do not you?” Go away from here and do not waste our time.”

     But Lord Krishna saw his old friend standing at the gate.

Lord Krishna said, “Friend, what have you got for me as a gift?” Sudama felt shy at the handful of rice that was tied to his stick. He tried to hide them. Krishna said, “Sudama! What are you hiding from me? I know my Bhabhi must have sent this? “

सच्ची मित्रता

       Saying so, Krishna snatched the bag from Sudama’s hand. He opened it up and said” Oh, rice! It is really a great gift for me. You know I like rice very much” But

   Sudama stayed at Krishna’s palaces for a couple of days. He was served choicest dishes. After a few days, Sudama said to Krishna, “Now permit me to go back to my home, my dear friend. At the time of parting, Sudama wanted to ask Krishna for some money. But he felt hesitant. Finally, he left the palace without asking Krishna for money.

On the way back, Sudama was upset. He was thinking what would he say his wife. But when he reached his street, he was shocked. There stood a grand palace where there was his small hut earlier. At the gate, his wife appeared.

Then Sudama understood why Krishna had not asked him about the purpose of his visit.

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