Luck is Not Enough (भाग्य ही काफी नहीं है)


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Luck is Not Enough,  Read the story

Luck is Not Enough:- Once upon a time, there was a small canal flowing on the outskirts of a village. The canal was full of fish. Many fish lived in that canal . Among all those fish, three fish were fast friends. They played together and lived happily.

One evening, the fish were playing merrily. Two fishermen were passing by that canal. When they saw the canal thriving with fish, they became very glad.

  “This canal is full of fish”, they said to each other. “We have never caught fish here before. Let us come back here tomorrow morning with our nets and catch these fish. We will earn a good profit by selling them in the market.” Saying so, the fishermen went away.

    When the eldest of the three friends heard this, she was afraid. She called her other two friends and said, “Did you hear what the fishermen said? They will come tomorrow morning and catch all of us. We must leave this canal at once otherwise, the fishermen will kill us all!”

The second friend was wise. She agreed to the suggestion of her friend and said, “You are right. They have already seen us. They will definitely come tomorrow and catch all of us. We must leave the canal at once otherwise we will die.”

       But the yongest fish was haughty. She simply laughed and said. “You are worrying without reason. We have lived in this canal all our lives, and no fisherman has ever come here. I don’t think that these men will return. I am not going to leave this canal. My luck will keep me safe.”

The eldest of the three friends left the canal that very evening with his family and moved towards the big river. The second fish also did so early next morning when she saw the fishermen coming in the distance. But the third fish, who was haughty, refused to leave even then.

Soon the fisherman arrived with their nets and cast them into the canal. All the fish left in the canal were caught. Luck did not help the third fish and she too, was caught along with the others.

The Cock Saved the Earth (मुर्गे ने पृथ्वी बचा ली)

ŞIt was the month of May. The summer was at its peak. The sun was shining brightly · in the sky. There was no respite from the scorching heat. Everyone was sick of it and some people were even cursing the sun. When the sun heard them, he became very angry. He went back to his palace and didn’t come out for many days.

    The earth became cold and dark. There was darkness everywhere. People began to shiver. Now they realised that they had made a great blunder by cursing the sun. They urged the sun to forgive them. They pleaded with him to come out and shine again, but he refused.

The cock left for the sun’s palace. He covered a long way, sometimes through the forest and again over the hills. At last, he reached there.

   He told the sun that men, animals, birds and trees were dying of cold. Then he begged the sun to forgive them and shine again. But the sun was unmoved.

    After a long persuasion, the cock gave up. But he was a clever bird. He thought for a while and said at last, “That means, I will have to go back home in the dark!

I’m sure the jungle cat is lying in wait for me. She would eat me up.”m

“Don’t worry about it. I shall help you,” said the sun, “If she attacks you, just crow and I shall come to your rescue” The cock left the sun’s palace and started for home. But he didn’t go home. He hid himself behind a bush and began to crow as loudly as he could.
       The sun heard him crowing. At once, he remembered his promise and rushed out to help the cock. He went in search of the bird across the sky. But he couldn’t find him anywhere.

       Since then, the cock crows every morning and the sun comes out to fulfil his promise. He goes in search of the bird across the world but never finds him.

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